Self-Reflection 2017

This year I decided to Google self-reflection and the below questionnaire came up and I thought I would give it ago and share my answers.

Self-Reflection 2017

Sit down at your computer, or take out a notebook and a pen, and fill out the answers for the following year-end reflection questions:

1. The most important goal that I achieved this year was:

This year was more of a personal achievement. I have always dreamed about going to Europe as a little girl and I finally saved enough money and travelled the Mediterranean Sea with my partner for a month. This trip we planned ourselves no help from any travel agents.

2. My biggest fitness accomplishment was:

In 2016, I decided to get back into soccer again and I was in the last division to help build my fitness and skills. My goal for 2017 was to make the next division squad (reserves). At first, I was told unfortunately I just wasn’t fit enough and I needed to work on my speed, so I went and practice on my sprints on hills. Finely, I made it to the team and to make things even better, our team won the Grand Final for 2017.

3. My biggest career accomplishment was:

This year I feel I have slacked off in my job. However my biggest accomplishment in my job today would have been organising our staff annual awards night. Next year I am going to try and focus on my career.

4. My biggest relationship accomplishment was:

This year my family has had a lot of ups and downs. My biggest relationship accomplishment is putting my judgement to the side and offering support to my sister, hoping to lead her in the correct path as she goes through her teenage years.

5. These are the skills I acquired this year:

Hmm.. if this is to do with professional development.. I guess I could say my skills are improving in Microsoft office. Maybe this is something I could look into in 2018.

6. A big mistake that I made this year—and the lesson that I learned as a result—was:

I haven’t made any ‘BIG’ mistakes but there was times when I unfortunately missed a few items in my workplace which had some consequences. I have learnt to double check my emails.

7. An obstacle or a challenge that I overcame this year:

I’ve been thinking about this one for a couple days.. nothing really comes to mind except what I have just written in number 8.

8. This year, I learned the following about myself:

I’m mentally weak and this can really affect my fitness, personal, and work goals and achievements. This can be challenging at times as I will give up and throw in the towel, I am hoping I can work on this in 2018.

9. Here’s something I learned about other people:

Not sure about this question as in ‘other people’ this could mean anything? I guess I can say when we were travelling around in Europe we had a few encounters with locals whom are extremely nice and will help you with directions when you’re lost and try to speak as much English as they can.

They would even help you perform a task. Example – when I was in Florence, we needed to complete some washing so we went to the laundry mat. Nothing was in English and we were struggling because it was very old school. A lady tried to help us as much as possible even though she spoke no English.

10. This made me laugh the hardest this year:

On our trip around Europe, we were in Rome. Alex was sitting down and was about to take a bite of his pastry when a massive seagull flew in and stole it right out of his hand. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

11. The most fun I had all year was:

I’ve had loads of fun this year, but it was great on Christmas Eve as all my friends were home from overseas and was just good to have some chats and laughs with them all in such a long time.

12. My best memory of the year was:

The sunset sailing cruise we did around Santorini, it was absolutely beautiful.

13. My biggest regret of the year was:

Probably spending too much money on my credit card… oops

14. My biggest disappointment of the year was:

Around March time our company ask to send through request for training to be place in the budget and then these training options were discussed in my performance appraisal around May. I never heard anything back from the company, so I sent a query one day asking about how it was going, only to be told it wasn’t in the budget. This really upset me as we had a new person come aboard and they were granted a training budget straight away.

15. The books I read this year were:

Diving In. I definitely need to read more books!

16. My favorite movie of the year was:

Stars Wars – the last Jedi

17. A TV show I really enjoyed watching this year was:

Narco’s on Netflix. Very interesting to learn about the famous Pablo Escobar.

18. I really enjoyed this live performance (concert, play, musical, or dance performance):

I have been to a couple of gigs this year, so very hard to narrow down. Laneway Festival and Falls Festival was a highlight for me,

19. Here’s a song I listened to over and over again this year:

Say Something Loving by The XX.

20. This is something I wish I hadn’t bought this year:

I bought a top and never wore it.

21. This is the best thing I bought all year:

MacBook Pro and IPhone 7 (finally upgraded after my IPhone 5 died)… and of course a plane ticket to Europe hehe.

22. Someone I really enjoyed spending time with this year was:

My boyfriend.

23. I adopted this new positive habit:

Not too sure… I probably need to ask someone else close to me!

24. I dropped this negative habit:

I used to swear A LOT (gross). I can gladly say my swearing is to a minimum.

25. One time I stood up for myself this year was:

hmm… I’d say once at work I would of but I can’t recall to much.

26. The scariest thing I went through this year was:

I can laugh about it now but we were on our way back home to Australia from Madrid. When we were going through security, the guard pulled Alex aside and told him to go line up and go back through the check as he left his Ipad in his backpack. I didn’t see him go back into the line and thought he went downstairs without me. So off I went downstairs and everyone was running to get on this train, I got caught up in the moment and freaked out and jumped on the train. On arrival to the gate for the passport control, I waited and waited and started to freak out because I couldn’t see him anywhere. I started to cry and asked for help as he didn’t have his wallet, phone or passport as I had everything! The airport doesn’t have a PA system so they couldn’t do an announcement, the guard told me to go back all away around to the front. I had to run and run and explain myself several times. FINALLY we were reunited at the security part again and we only had 10 minutes to make our flight. Lucky, our flight was delayed due to the delays at the passport control section.

We made our flight and cried/laughed together. What an experience that was.

27. A really cool thing I created this year was:

I wouldn’t say ‘cool’ but I was pretty proud of some of the posters I had made at work for work events and also staff newsletters.

28. My most common mental state this year was:

I guess you could say most of the time I am happy.

29. Here’s how I grew emotionally this year:

I’m very sensitive and let things get to me too easily in work and personal life. I am trying to slowly overcome this. I feel like playing sports helps me grow.

30. Here’s how I grew spiritually this year:

I’ll skip this one.

31. The best gift I received this year was:

I’ve received some really nice gifts this year, I felt very spoilt by all my loved ones. My boyfriend got me tickets to see a band next year, so I’m very excited about that.

32. The nicest thing someone did for me this year was:

My dog ran away and they chase her down and bought her back home. We are lucky she didn’t get hit by a car.

33. The nicest thing I did for someone else this year was:

I saw an elderly lady struggling to lift her frame out of the car so I asked her if she needed help and I remember she was so happy as it was very heavy and I carried it to the shop for her.

34. I showed real gumption this year when I:

There has been a few times at work.

35. If I could change one thing about this year it would be:

I would of applied for a tafe course at the start of this year instead of 2018.

36. A new food/dish I tried this year was:

We tried many exotic foods in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Hong Kong. I remember eating a baby eel sandwich in Madrid, Spain.

37. This year my physical health was:

I have always been pretty fit over the last year.

38. Here’s a new friend I made this year:

I made new friends in my soccer team, we have bonded great as a team.

39. This year I travelled to:

Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Hong Kong.

40. Here’s one adventure I had this year:

41. One contribution I made to my community was:

Raising money through our company for the Gold Coast Community Fund.

42. This year I spent a lot of time here:

Currumbin beach. Love a good tanning session!

43. This year I broke out of my comfort zone by:

I can be very shy and don’t like talking up in groups and meetings. A couple of times this year I did. I’m slowly getting better at it.

44. A hobby I loved spending time on this year was:

I’ve recently started to write a blog, I really enjoy it even if people don’t decide to read it. I do it for myself. I also love playing soccer.

45. This year I practiced self-care by:

I recently bought an expensive skin care product to help with my oily skin and acne. It is currently working as a charm!

46. My biggest time waster this year was:

I spend way too much time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

47. Here’s a great time-saving hack I learned this year:


48. What I am most grateful for this year is:

I’m fit and healthy, have a loving family, friends and boyfriend.

49. Here are three words that would sum up this year:

Crazy, adventurous and fast.

50. If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, here’s some advice I would give myself:

Stop worrying about what people think about. Focus on yourself and not them.

This was actually great, because I really had to think about the year and what has happened. Maybe it will help me with some New Year’s Resolutions… or how I can put some goals in place. Next year I need to focus on my career development by the looks of things.

Copy these questions and fill out your one and then let me know. I would love to read about other bloggers self-reflections.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year. Bring on 2018 and the new adventures.




Day 22 – Santorini

Today we decided to do a walk from Imerovigli to Oia, with a finish of a swim down at Amoundi Bay.

There is signs on where to go along the walk and it will take you between 2-3hours so make sure you have comfy shoes and plenty of water. Along the way you will see other tourists walking the trial and also locals. Some of the locals will ask you if you would like a donkey ride along the trip. We politely declined the offers as we felt sorry for the donkeys carrying people in this heat.

From the walk you get some amazing views and will also walk pass some impressive and luxury hotels.

I think the walk ended up taking us over 2 hours. We walked down to the Amount Bay where there is area people can swim. we jumped straight in to cool down, so nice the water was.

Instead of walking back to Imerovigli, we took a local bus which is super easier to use and not too expensive.The trip took us about 10 minutes to get back, much better then walking back.

We both had cold showers and relaxed around the hotel for the afternoon. Tonight was our last night in Europe. So we enjoyed a feast at one of the top restaurants on Santorini.

It was sad to be leaving Europe but we were looking forward to go back Hom to Australia as well.


Santorini was beautiful and actually like the pictures on the internet.  Put this on your to-do list before you die.

Thanks for reading. I will be posting photos about our trip.


Day 21 – Santorini

Sleep ins, yay! Breakfast is included with the hotel and you just ring them to get it delivered to your room. We had our breakfast on our balcony, what a start to the day.

After breakfast we decided to take a walk to Fira (Thira). There is small boutique shops full of souvenir goods and clothing along with cute cafes everywhere.  The small alleyways slowly fill up with tourist and soon there isn’t much room to walk, so we headed back to our hotel and hung around the pool for a bit until it was time to depart for our sunset sailing cruise.

A bus picked us up and took us to Amoundi Bay to get onto our yacht. Our yacht was called the ‘Dream catcher’ a nice red boat. There was less than 20 people on our tour and all from different places of the world whom were all very friendly people, alot of couples on honeymoons and anniversaries – not us though! They all thought we were newly weds.

The first stop is for a swim in the beautiful blue ocean water of course, super refreshing! We sail around the island visiting different parts – red beaches, white beaches, volcano ashes and then a private beach to have our BBQ Greek style dinner. They know how to do a BBQ! Oh did I mention all alcohol is included on this trip? even better.

Then we head into the ocean and watch the sun slowly set. The staff will take photos if you want. Overall the sailing cruise is super fun and I would definitely recommend doing it whilst you are staying on Santorini.

Day 20 – Athens to Santorini

Our stay in Athens was short and sweet. We departed the hotel around 6:30am to reach the port to catch a ferry to Santorini.  There is a few options of ferries you can catch to get to Santorini. There is a high speed ferry company which will get you to the island in about 5 hours. However, if the sea is to rough then the ferry is not guarantee to depart.  We decided against this ferry and flying was way to expensive for us. The company we picked was the Blue Star, a larger and slower ferry which would get to Santorini in about 8 hours, hence the early departure. We pre-purchased our tickets back in Australia on a ferry website and got the business sea deck tickets.  There is a great view and you can sit anywhere on this level and free wifi/charging ports are available.

We arrived into Santorini around 2pm, the port is crazy full of people selling transfers to different areas on the island. We randomly picked a company and took us about 20 minutes to get to our hotel.  Santorini is similar to Positano with their hotels on steps, this time we were smart and actually looked at the signage which pointed towards hotels. We tracked our hotel in about 10 mins. A lady was waiting for us and helped us to our room, she pointed to the other towns to visit and how long it would take us to walk and where to catch buses from. Then she showed us our pool and pool bar.(Couldn’t wait to get down there!!) She recommended a couple of tours and told us to just come and see her to book any.

Well, our room was super cute and had a nice deck. Just below us was a restaurant and apparently it is one of the best places to catch the sunset. So our hotel was also in the best place, how awesome! Our hotel was called Sunny Villas

We did a bit of research and decided to book a sunset sailing tour for tomorrow night and a reservation for the restaurant for the following night. Now to relax and unwind at our pool and pool bar!

Check out some of our photos:

Day 19 – Athens

The hotel we were staying at was called the Acropolis Museum Hotel which was in the center of Athens. The hotel included breakfast and it was big servings – so we filled up on as much as possible.

We notice Athens had the red city bus tours for tourist so we decided this was the easiest way for us to get around. There was a stop close by with staff selling tickets for the service and the bus arrived just on time.

The first stop we got off was for the Panathenaic Stadium. Highly recommend to visit. The tickets only cost about 5 euro each and it even included the headset to listen whilst you did the tour yourself of the Stadium. With the entry, you’re able to go into the stadium, the seating arena and then where the athletics would of enter the stadium from. The whole stadium is made by marble and has held many Olympic games.


We jumped back onto the bus and it took us past the Parliament House, National museum and national library. The bus went past some markets, so we decided to jump off and check them out. The markets were full of delicious smells of authentic Greek foods and fresh fruit. It started to make us hungry,  we came across a small pop up beer garden which had different stalls of Greek food set up.  This was us.

A good choice too.

After a few beers and some food we headed back to the hotel to refreshen up. Whilst at the hotel we purchased the last entry for the day to visit the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon.  It was a good walk from our hotel, so we decided to jump on the bus as it had air-con.


The crowds were slowly leaving which was good to see, means less people would be around when we went up. The lady at the gate scans the tickets before you’re able to get into the site area. You pretty much get a 360 degree view of the whole city of Athens from the site. Be careful as some of the steps are very slippery.

I’ll share some photos of the sites, below.

After walking around and watching the sun slowly set over the city we walked back the bus stop and were lucky enough to jump on the last bus. We caught it to a bus to the Temple of Zeus – only to find out the area had been shut. At least we could still see it from outside the gates.

We walked down an alleyway where there were a few nice looking restaurants. A nice elderly man greeted us at one of them so we thought it was the place to eat. We ordered way too much food and wine. Everything was delicious, my favourite was the dessert – Baklava. YUM Our waiter gave us a complimentary ouzo shot.. not my type of drink but we didn’t want to be rude and said we enjoyed it.


Day 18 – Positano via Pompeii to Athens

Tonight we were catching our flight to Greece. The flight was the cheapest option and unfortunately wasn’t departed until around 9pm at night.

We decided to relax and enjoy our time around the hotel and beach before departing. I had pre booked a private transfer through a company called Rainbow Limos for our airport transfer.  Our driver arrived around 1pm and took us to Pompeii so we could visit the famous Pompeii Ruins which was about an hour drive from Positano.

We purchased a small headset so we could listen and do a tour of the area ourselves as we were on a bit of a time limit. If we had more time at the Pompeii Ruins, we probably would of consider a tour guide as we found it extremely hard to navigate around the ruins. It is very hot around summer time and hardly any shade in the ruins, so make sure you have sunscreen and a hat on.

It was time to head to the Naples airport to check in for our flight. The airline was called Alitalia. It was a budget airline similar to airlines like Tigerair in Australia. Not much leg room and it was random seating so Alex and I didn’t sit next to each other. The flight left on time and overall took just over 4 hours to arrive into Athen’s international airport.  We landed around 12:30pm and got off the plane fairly quickly. We collected our luggage and headed to the taxi rank. It was roughly a 20 minute wait in line.

Our taxi ride was pretty scary! He hardly spoke any English and I hadn’t practice much Greek as I found this language hard to learn so I showed him a booking confirmation and he was able to understand where our hotel was. The driver speed down the main highway nearly 20-30 km/hs over the limit, nearly falling asleep! I was glad to make it to our hotel in one piece. Scariest trip ever.

The hotel receptionist was waiting patiently for us and helped us to the room, by the time we got to bed it was nearly 2am. We were going to be tired tomorrow!


Day 17 – Capri

We had done some research on places to explore around Positano and we decided to do a day trip to Capri. A ferry ticket office is available at the main port in Positano, we purchased return tickets from here. (From memory we thought it was quite expensive just for a ferry trip) The trip is about an hour from Positano to Capri on a slow ferry.

On arrival to Capri you will see a few cafes and restaurants and shops, similar to the style of Positano. However, it is a little busier with people hassling you as soon as you get off the boat for taxis. We walked down to an information centre closely and saw a office which sold day tickets on boat around the island of Capri. The boat tour would take you to different grotto’s, the main interest point was the famous blue grotto. A cave which lights up and you need to hop into small canoe size boats to get inside.

The tickets were fairly cheap so we decided to purchase them. There was abut 20 people on our boat (make sure you wear and bring sunscreen because it gets super hot!) The tour will take you to a few different points of sites.

The last stop before heading back to the port is the Blue Grotto. However, when we arrived there was several other boats and you needed to pay extra to get inside. The boat staff said it was nearly over an hours wait, we decided not to bother and jumped onto another boat to head back to the port.

We went for a small walk around the area, only to realise you really do need a taxi or car to get around and explore.So we decided to wait at one of the restaurants for the next ferry to arrive.

Capri seem like a bit of a tourist trap for us and was overly priced – even more than Positano. The boat tour was fun, but overall it wasn’t the greatest time we’ve had. I would probably of preferred staying on the main island and visiting a nearby town instead.

Day 16 – Positano

Today we slept in until late mid-morning. It was needed after the last few busy days in Rome. Our hotel included free breakfast and it also had a nice view from the breakfast area.

We decided to go for a walk around the town, explore some of the local shops and hit the beach. There are two beaches you can choose from. The main beach is easy access and has an area that you do not require to purchase a beach lounge. The other beach is maybe a 5 minute walk and is called Fornillo beach. You’ll fine this beach a bit more peaceful and secluded then the main one.

The beach chairs cost 10 euro for the whole day and includes use of their private toilets and showers.  Today was our relaxing day, so we decided to rent on of the chairs. Whilst at the beach you will have a few people trying to sell you massages, food and drink. But not to many, normally they won’t hassle you for too long as well.

After a few hours we headed back to the hotel, by the time you get the hotel you’re hot again. The one thing our hotel needed, was a pool! We had showers and lazed around the room with some wine and snacks again.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Beautiful stair cases in Positano.

Day 15 Rome – Positano

This morning we got up around 6am and visited the famous Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.

I would recommend doing this if you would like to get photos without any crowds.

Rome is a crazy and busy city. But we were excited to escaped the craziness for a few days. It was time to depart Rome and head towards Positano for 3 nights for some relaxation, yay!

Our train was a 3 hour trip towards Salerno. From Salerno we caught a ferry towards the Amafli Coast. This took approximately an hour. We arrived at the beach front and tried to use google to find our hotel, well this was a disaster!

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t understand all the steps in Positano. After carrying our suitcases and getting lost for 10 minutes, I decided to ask someone if there was a taxi or bus we could use, sure enough the nice gentleman in the shop pointed me in the direction to catch a bus. We made it to the bus stop, however there was a massive line. A saw a taxi (Mercedes taxi by the way!) next to a shop and asked for a price. He let me know it was 20 euro as he had to do a loop around as it is only one way. We didn’t mind as we were dripping in sweat and sick of being lost.

FINALLY. We made it to our beautiful hotel. The lady saw us struggling and offered to help with carrying our luggage to the room, our room was on the same level as reception so at least we didn’t need to go down another flight of stairs.

This was the first time we didn’t have to worry about getting ready for a tour. We could finally relax, so we walked down to the corner store grabbed some snacks and a bottle of wine to sit on our balcony and enjoy the moment.

This was living.




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