Day 11 – Milan – Venice

This morning we got up around 5:30am and went for a run around the city of Milan. Man, did I struggle. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I’ve done any sort of fitness and I was feeling it this morning. The city was still asleep and there was only a few people up and about exercising.

We came back to the room to change and get some breakfast. All Italians seem to eat for breakfast is pastries. So our run felt like nothing after eating another croissant. How do Italian’s look so slim since they eat pastries, pasta, pizza and drink wine? What is their secret? If you find out, please let me know!

Our trip was short and sweet in Milan. We wonder around for a little bit and looked into some shops before heading back to the Milano Centrale station.

The next destination was Venice. The train trip was only just over 2 1/2 hours. We arrived into the station and straight away some porter services tried to take our luggage with them and we said no and walked away. Beware! We forgot to do research on getting to our B&B, oops. We went over to the private taxi lane and waited in the line which seem to take forever.  Something didn’t feel right about this ‘private’ service as alot of people were going on the water taxi’s. We asked the staff member how much it was going to cost us and he said it will be 70 euro! This was ridiculous as the water taxi drops you off at the same location. So we decided to line up in water taxi lane to get tickets for them instead. A couple walked passed us as we waited in the line and gave us their day tickets as they were heading back to the train station. We were stoked! So off we went.

We arrived at our port, disembarked and then tried to navigate our way through the narrow alleyways filled with tourist. This was not fun with our suitcases and Google was getting a little bit disoriented as we had it on the offline system.

FINALLY we found our B&B hotel. A man greeted us at the front door and helped us with our luggage to the room as there was a few stairs to climb.

Our room really did have that Venetian feeling.

Refreshed and ready to do one the most touristy things in Venice. A gondola ride. We had pre-purchased our ticket for a 7:30pm ride. We managed to navigate our way to where they were located. (Note: There is loads of companies! so if you pre-book make sure you look where your company is!)

Our trip was with another 4 people as the private ride was more expensive and we weren’t to fussed.  It was nice to cruise down the small alleyways as they serenade to us. The guys are strong! steering the small boats with six people on the trying to not hit walls and other boats. I was impressed! The sun was setting as we were finishing off our gondola ride.


After our ride we headed out for dinner to a local place that was recommended to us for a cheaper price then the more touristy restaurants. The place was super busy and we were lucky to get a sit. It was a good price and the food was good! After dinner we headed to main area, San Marco to check out some of the live action. Full of tourist everywhere. We didn’t stick around for long as we had a long day travelling.


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